The philosophy is simple: Good content presented in the most efficient, user-friendly and accessible way possible.

The best web design incorporates good content strategy, planning and research.

Melbourne web production agency, Soupgiant, established in September 2009 to provide websites that were easy to use and easy to update.

Soupgiant’s processes focus on web development that solves problems. It works with clients to make sure that their website is a tool to be used regularly both inside and outside the organisation.

Using open-source systems, like WordPress, Soupgiant’s customers have the benefits of a large, world-wide, active community working for them.

The strong reputation stands as a result of giving customers what they need, providing strategies to help them grow their website and giving them a beautiful public facing website that they can easily update themselves.

The team at Soupgiant wears its passion on its sleeve. You can read thoughts about building great websites at the Big Red Tin blog.